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The Magicians Seasons 1-2 DVD

Product Code: The Magicians Seasons 1-2 + Freeshipping
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The Magicians Seasons 1-2 DVD Special Features

Actors: Arjun Gupta, Jason Ralph, Hale Appleman
Format: Widescreen
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Number of discs: 6
Rated: NR Not Rated
Studio: Universal
DVD Release Date: 2016

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The Magicians Seasons 1-2 DVD

The Magicians Seasons 1-2 DVD Overview

As a niffin, she explores Fillory, travelling in time back to its beginning, before making her way back to Earth and to Brakebills.She is in Quentin's class at Brakebills, moves up a year with him, and is sorted into the Physical magic group by her Discipline,The Magicians Seasons 1-2 DVD which is Phosphoromancy. She comes from a family of magicians; her older brother was at Brakebills 8 years before her, and died when he was transformed into a niffin, a spirit of pure magic, by a spell that got out of control. After Brakebills, she and Quentin fall into a hedonistic lifestyle until they travel to Fillory. She transforms herself into a niffin to be able to defeat the Beast, saving her friends and Ember in the process.There,The Magicians Seasons 1-2 seeing Plum and Quentin, she follows them until Quentin traps her in a failed attempt at making a magical land, and is able to transform her back into a human. She travels to Fillory with him as the land is dying, and assists him in the process of repairing it, before returning to New York. There, she and Quentin succeed in making a magical land and set out to explore it.Alice Quinn is a friend and lover of Quentin's and an extremely talented magician.

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